A drink is a very suitable and festive welcome, but also the perfect end to an active day at the beach. It is wonderful to recover from the activities with some bites and drinks, and then perhaps have a nice dinner. 

Assortment of nuts

€7,50 per portion | Min. 10 people

  • Luxury savory bites, nuts and olives (placed on the table)

Mixed snacks

€1,00 p.pc. | Min. 10 people

  • Dutch ‘bitterballen’
  • Cheese sticks
  • Mini ‘frikandellen’ (meat rolls)
  • Vegetarian spring rolls


€ 1,75 p.pc. | Min. 10 people

  • Meatballs in sweet-spicy chili sauce
  • Wrap with salmon & cream cheese
  • Mozzarella tomato skewers
  • Thai yakitori skewers
  • Gambas in a potato nest