WKR company event


A WKR (work-related costs scheme) company event is a company event of a business nature. This is the case, for example, if a meeting is organised, which is then expanded with an activity on the beach such as blokarting. The meeting is then the main reason for the gathering, which is why this can be called a WKR company event.

Other examples of WKR events are relationship drinks for customers, suppliers or other partners. Depending on the layout of the company event and its main purpose, we can help you organise a WKR company event.

How does it work?

The WKR ensures that employers can allow their employees to profit from benefits and allowances untaxed up to a certain percentage of the annual wage. These can be Christmas gifts, dinners, staff parties or company events.

A meeting at the beach has a number of advantages. Meeting outside the office walls has a positive effect on focus and results. Combined with a number of fun activities, the balance between business and leisure is also guaranteed. The costs of a meeting are not covered by the WKR, but it can be part of a WKR company event.

Summit can also provide a meeting. Based at our beachclub, equipped with meeting rooms, we organise both the activities and the rest of the programme!


If only employees are present at the company event, it is possible to deduct the VAT. This is not possible if there are also people present who are not in the workforce, such as at a business family day or an event with relations or customers.

More information WKR company event

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