Active and sporty event

Blokarting: a sporty event

Blokarting, also known as sand yachting, is a spectacular outdoor activity. It takes place on the beach and is the ideal activity for a sporty getaway on the coast. If the group is active, blokarting is the activity that will make the difference in the experience of the sporty event.

Sand yachting is therefore ideal for a sporty event. However, our event beach in Wijk aan Zee is perfect for activity programmes with various activities. We can therefore put together a nice programme for your beach event. Blokarting, for example, is great fun in combination with the active and challenging powerkiting. For a more sporty touch, a unique team sport like Bubble Soccer, lacrosse or flingo is perfect. In conclusion, the possibilities are endless! 

Teambuilding sporty event

We also like to think along about the possibilities if attention needs to be paid to teambuilding during a sporty event. With our many years of experience in organising sporty teambuilding events, we can contribute to the goal of the event. By participating in the activities in different teams, people get to know each other in a different way. In addition, teamspirit is stimulated during the activities. For example, with blokarting you share the blokart with a buddy. You go racing alternately, and of course try to set the fastest time. A team sport like lacrosse is all about cooperation and good communication. It’s important to find your teammates in the field and go for the win together!

More information active event

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