Creative corporate event by the sea

One of Summit’s creative workshops is Sea-Art; a combination of beach combing and painting. First, all participants go to the beach to do some beach combing. There is a lot along the tide line and on the beach to use in the creation of a work of art: shells, pieces of wreck wood, residual waste and of course a lot of plastic waste. This Sea-Art workshop therefore not only ensures that everyone has a creative corporate event, but also that the beach becomes a bit cleaner and that we can make a small contribution in the fight against the plastic soup.

Night Watch or Baywatch 

No matter how well hidden, every employee within a team has a talent. It is not rare that we see potential Rembrandts on the beach. This creative workshop ensures that everyone can indulge in his / her own way. You will also discover whether a colleague has the potential to recreate the Night Watch, or whether a career as a lifeguard in Baywatch is more suitable …

Painting project

Several TV-shows have already proven this: many people are better at painting than they think. The clinic Sea-Art is therefore very fitting for all types of events. It can be part of a large kick-off meeting, but also an activity in which children and adults participate together during a corporate family day.

Bad weather alternative

Slogans such as ‘bad weather doesn’t exist’ are beautiful, and indeed, it is uncommon, but unfortunately it does exist. That is why we always ensure that there is an indoor alternative, in case the outdoor programme cannot continue. A thinking activity such as a pub quiz or The Mystery Box is a good backup, but for a more creative corporate event Sea-Art is of course the ideal activity. Anyway, with these indoor alternatives the company event can always continue!

More information Sea-Art

Curious about the possibilities for a creative event? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and gladly contribute our ideas. Call 088-4249000 directly, fill in an application-or ‘call me back‘-form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.