Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer, also known as BubbleBall or Bubble Football, is an activity for young and old where hilarity is guaranteed! Your head, upper body and arms are in a large inflatable ball. So this is not just a regular game of football…

Originally this sport comes from Norway, where there is even a real competition. The first Bubble Soccer World Cup was organised in 2018! At our beach, this activity is mainly organised for recreational purposes and as part of team building.

This activity is guaranteed to create a laughable scene, because you yourself are in an inflatable ball. Running alone is quite a challenge, but it gets really hilarious when you manage to ‘bounce’ an opponent out of the way.

Fun is most important at Bubble Soccer. In addition to the normal rules that apply on a football field, there are no special extra rules. Naturally, a referee will supervise the safety and sportsmanship of all participants!

Bubble Soccer | Packages

Apart from the fact that this activity is very laughable, it is also very suitable as part of a teambuilding day. Even more than in a ‘normal’ team sport, cooperation and communication are very important in Bubble Soccer.

It is usually booked in combination with another activity. For example, it is an excellent addition to an hour of blokarting. We usually combine Bubble Soccer itself with lacrosse (half an hour each). This is because it is a fairly intensive activity, which is difficult to do for an entire hour.

This activity can also be included in a family day programme. In addition to the normal bubbles, we also have special bubbles for children. This way they can also participate in this activity in a safe and fun way. We are happy to draw up a separate programme for the kids!

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Curious about the possibilities to play Bubble Soccer during your company event on the beach? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and gladly contribute our ideas. Call 088-4249000 directly, fill in an application- or ‘call me back‘-form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.