Blokart was introduced in The Netherlands by Summit Sports from New Zealand over 20 years ago. An original activity, which is really recommended as part of a company event. Blokarting is very accessible: it is quick to learn, harmless and can also be done without experience. A brief explanation from the instructors is all it takes to get into the blokart and experience how much speed the wind can provide!

That speed is determined by the wind force. The harder the wind blows, the faster the blokart goes. Even speeds of 50 to 60 km per hour are possible! The activities are organised on the wide beach of Wijk aan Zee, where there is enough room for new speed records!

Blokart Race Edition

For blokarting, all the material we use is from the original brand Blokart from New Zealand. That is also the condition to be able to speak of “blokart”. Other providers often incorrectly refer to “blokarts”. They usually use beach sailors or land sailors. These karts are generally of inferior quality and comfort, and also offer less safety. In 2018 Summit Sports introduced the Blokart Race Edition®; a blokart with racing cockpit, ultra soft racing tyres and speedometers. These karts offer, in addition to an even more spectacular experience, extra safety and more comfort. The Blokart Race Overalls complete the picture.

Blokarting | Packages

We can offer blokarting in all kinds of forms. The standard variant is the Blokart Race Edition, where two participants alternate for an hour. It is also possible to race on the beach for two hours.

We not only organise blokarting, but also other activities. Blokarting, for example, combines excellently with powerkiting, but also with a team sport such as Bubble Soccer.

More information blokarting

Curious about the possibilities for your blokarting beach event? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and gladly contribute our ideas. Call 088-4249000 directly, fill in an application- or ‘call me back‘-form. We will contact you as soon as possible.