General questions

  • Accessibility by public transport

In about 10 minutes by bus you will be in Wijk aan Zee from Beverwijk station. After that it’s only a short walk to the beach!

    • Accessibility by car

Wijk aan Zee is very easy to reach by car, as it is close to the highway. In addition, there is a large FREE car park, with sufficient parking space all year round.

  • Accessibility with a wheelchair

Wijk aan Zee is a very wheelchair-friendly beach. There are concrete slabs up to the entrance of our pavilion, and they even partially extend through the beach. Blokarting is also possible with a wheelchair. Please contact us for this, so that we can assist you as good as possible where necessary.

  • Vegetarian food and dietary requirements

There are also several options for guests/groups with special dietary requirements and/or allergies. Please indicate in advance, so the kitchen can take it into account!

Questions about company event with blokarting

  • Can blokarting be done all year round?

Blokarting is organised by us throughout the entire year. It is allowed to organise activities on our activity beach in both summer and winter.

  • Can blokarting always take place?

There are a number of factors that influence blokarting:


Blokarting is only possible at low tide. The beach must be hard and broad for this activity.


For blokarting, at least wind force 4 is required. On the other hand, there cannot be too much wind either, as the blokarts are made of light material and the safety of all participants is most important.


In principle, you can go blokarting when it rains, provided the sand does not become too soft. Blokarting is not possible with forecasts of thunderstorms.

We look at all weather forecasts two days prior to the event. You will be informed about this by email.

  • Is everyone able/allowed to blokart?

In principle, anyone can blokart, and no experience is necessary. However, there is a number of exceptions:


Anyone aged 12 and older can blokart (regardless of height/ eight/etc.).


The blokart is controlled with the arms. You use them to steer and tighten/loosen the sail. This makes the activity also possible for disabled people. If you suffer from a shoulder or arm injury, it is best to contact us to look at the possibilities.


Blokarting is a very safe activity, but it is not recommended to blokart during pregnancy.