Our organisation

Blokarten.nl is part of Summit Sports & Events. Summit is an event agency, specialised in creating, organising and producing corporate events, both within The Netherlands and abroad. All events are organised from the office in Haarlem.

Summit and Blokarting

Summit Sports & Events is the blokart specialist in Europe. The first 2 blokarts, which were shown in Europe from New Zealand, were immediately acquired by Summit Sports and promoted in Europe from that moment on.

Summit Sports introduced the sport of blokarting as a sustainable and adventurous sport that can be done by almost everyone. An ideal combination. Logically, the media came to find out more about this new invention, but also more and more groups got interested. The sport became more and more popular. Nowadays there are many providers of Blokarting in Europe, but the hotspot remains Wijk aan Zee, home base of Summit Sports.