Blokarting, blowkarting or sand yachting…?

Blowkarting and sand yachting are words we often encounter to describe blokarting, but is that correct?

The name blowkarting comes from the fact that it is associated with the blowing of the wind in the sail of the blokart. However, the correct term is blokarting, derived from the New Zealand manufacturer Blokart.

Sand yachting is also a common term for blokarting. In principle that is not incorrect; every blokart is a beach sailor. However, not every beach sailor is a blokart. Beach sailors also include carts of inferior quality and safety, incorrectly using the name blokart.

Blokart Race Edition®

Summit Sports was the first and largest provider of blokarting in Europe. In 2018, they introduced the brand new Blokart Race Edition®, designed and developed by the official Blokart supplier from New Zealand. The Blokart Race Edition® takes blokarting to a higher level, with a racing cockpit, ultra soft racing tires and a speedometer, all in Formula 1 atmosphere. The Blokart Race Edition® is more aerodynamic, safer and even more spectacular than the blokart.